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Tres Hermanos Anasco - The Most Tranquil Beach in Puerto Rico - The Real Deal !!
Local Activities

We are located on Tres Hermanos Beach, Anasco-Bo Playa

Video Below is of Tres Hermanos Beach Park
nearby. We are located 100 yds down the beach south of this location.

Rincon is only 5 minutes away but Anasco is the sweet spot !
Anasco is located between Rincon and Mayaquez Puerto Rico on one of the most tranquil and sandy beaches in PR.  Next door to our guest house is one of the Puerto Ricans favorite restaurant and bar establishments, Rancho Grande. Locals come from as far as San Juan to eat here because RANCHO GRANDE has an excellent menu to satisfy any appetite from seafood to hamburgers, or if you like some of the local favorites consisting of chicken, pork, plantains, beans and rice.

Rancho Grandes owner "Willie" makes sure everyone who visits has plenty of Puertoriquerino entertainment provided by local professional bands or for some REAL FUN be sure to stop by and participate in Karaoke night ..like no other !

Rincon is just a few miles North of us where you will find the center of tourista for surfers and just about anyone wanting to visit Rincon's various local beaches, restaurant and bars or light shopping. You will also find services provided for Scuba Diving, Fishing excursions or Sunset Catamaran Cruises.  We can arrange for any of these activities for you at a discounted rate because all of the owners are personal friends of ours.  We can also provide you plenty of upfront information regarding any of the many activities available anywhere in Puerto Rico.  Consider us your local agent and point of contact.

South of our location you will find several towns along the West Coast worthy of visiting and all have their own interesting character and appeal.  Lots of fun to explore the area, while getting to know the locals because, Puerto Ricans are some of the most friendly and interesting people you can ever meet.

Everything is nearby, Walgreens, McDonalds, Sams, Applebee's

English is spoken everywhere with the U.S. dollar as currency.

There is no Passport requirement for US Citizens to Puerto Rico


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